Why Film?


Another general topic that I have even less qualifications to speak authoritatively on…

Ok, who doesn’t like the movies?

That being said, I try to stay away from the mainstream blockbusters, which, although I find to be exciting and visceral, seem generally void of any real emotional connection.  I tend to be drawn to foreign, independent and documentary films that don’t just tell you a story about characters & events, but slowly put you in uncomfortable & unfamiliar shoes.

Especially after graduating (correction: surviving) undergrad, I sunk my teeth into as many foreign films as I could get my hands on.  Being a consultant – the only time I had to spare was on countless flights where I was looking to unwind.

An avid Netflix user & evangelist (shout out to my buddies at Foundation Capital who were early investors) with about 2,000 movies watched & rated, I’ve doled out one too many recommendations to family and friends to add to their queue.

As you’ll see in following posts, I consider film a passion of mine and love to help others discover and experience new favorites.   I start by posting some of my favorite movies, but please don’t hesitate to recommend me some in return!

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