Personal Philosophy

I’ve tried to challenge myself to develop a moral framework by which I could be judged against, here’s where I am at:


“The Philosophy of Realism”

(wow, that might sound a bit too pretentious -> name suggestions? Objectivism, etc. already taken)


Objective Truth – Objective truths exist.  We may never fully comprehend them, but striving to attain these truths will gradually improve our collective understanding of our surroundings and ourselves.  (as in my longer paper, think of full knowledge on any topic as an asymptote that we collectively strive to climb towards as we learn new supporting evidence)

Objective Morality (may be derived from the first) – Although broad-sweeping moral absolutes do not exist (e.g. murder is wrong), given the full context of a situation, there is a “best” way to act.  Full knowledge of the context and consequences of an action is nearly impossible, nonetheless, through better understanding of the prevailing factors and results of past, similar decisions, we can make a fact-based judgment on which course of actions would achieve our collective goals most effectively.


Personal Code

  1. Apply the scientific method broadly – require objective, verifiable, replicable evidence to support your stances.
  1. Constantly pursue better understanding of yourself and the universe around.  Educate yourself and enlighten others about topics you have knowledge. Be active in pursuing knowledge and creating new ideas.
  1. Constantly question held beliefs and assumptions.  Where possible, strive to only hold beliefs for which you have adequate reasons that can be objectively supported.  Value rational & reasoned debate with opposing views.  Be alert and open to contrary evidence.
  1. Aim to seek out, expose, and minimize dogma through respectful conversation, publications, and legal efforts (where appropriate).  Conversationally, make it intellectually shameful to use logical fallacies or faith arguments (“because I believe it to be so”) to support a view/conclusion.


Societal Goals

  • Maximize eudemonia (yourself, those around you, and future generations).  Start by being happy and treating those around you well.
  • Minimize innocent suffering.
  • Strive to equal the initial playing field.  There is a wide range of situational inequality at birth (through no fault of the child); as much as possible, help bring equal opportunity for success from early childhood.
  • Continuous progress towards understanding and implementing objective truths (& associated morality).
  • Do your best to leave the world a better place without causing undue burden on yourself (not to an unhealthy cost to yourself or those depending on you).
  • Enable the lasting survival of as many ecosystems as possible – we not only depend on the survival of these species and ecosystems, they also may hold insights into our own species, medical cures, and solutions to large scale problems (e.g. pollution).


As with anything, I am open for feedback and invite thoughtful disagreement – fire away!

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