Quirky and animated, I’m proud to be odd.

My current tag line:  

Venture capitalist by day, start-up junkie by night  (who is suppose to be focusing on finishing an MBA)

Officially, I’m:

Raised in San Diego by an awesomely eccentric family, I’ve always been an overcommitted nerd that enjoyed experimenting with new things.  In high school I (proudly) did the dorkiest activities (~glee club, speech & debate, cross-country & track, quiz bowl, i^3…), was lucky to travel (up to ~45 countries today), sail a tall ship, and briefly become a food critic.

I first came east to attend MIT (which I survived with Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Management Science majors), remained busy with activities (from dance and a cappella to leading the business club), and pursued a start-up with a group of friends: PressAudio.

I spent the next 5 years at Mars & Co. doing strategy consulting.  I loved the challenge, interesting clients, and my coworkers – really can’t complain.  Yet, eventually decided I couldn’t ignore my itch to actively own my destiny and headed to b-school at Wharton (a bit of a stalling pattern while I iterate on new concepts mixed with an excellent launch pad with unparalleled connections).

Today, I am trying to balance all of the above roles (unsuccessfully) and a fiancé who has tremendous patience.

In my free time (hah!), I dabble in:

– Soccer, Ski, Tennis
– Cooking (esp. desserts)
– Philosophy, Neurology, Astronomy

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