Pitch Errors from VCs’ Perspective

Ever wonder how VCs view & evaluate your company? It’s not hard, the problem is we are so tied to our own businesses, we don’t often see the blatant holes. I’ve put together a fake company, filled with (surprisingly) common problems and asked if you can spot the issues.

As a refresh of a talk I did in NYC, I hosted an interactive event at EvoNexus where I asked the audience to judge my fake pitch and made sure that all the landmines were identified. They did a great job and caught many of the issues (not all). I am attaching the talk and slide presentation below:

Think Like a VC! Wing Wednesday from CommNexus on Vimeo.

First half is the pitch – try to spot as many errors as you can. The second half tries to spell out most, but even more are mentioned in the talk above.

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