New Netflix Design = Pretty & Horrible.

(Or in geek-speak: UI at the cost of UX)

I am quite upset with the recently released Netflix redesign(s).  I use both online and PS3 versions, and have to admit, the new UI is sexier.  It’s sleek, intuitive, and attractive… but removes many of the core functionality I used!  (i.e. improved user interface at the cost of user experience)

The changes that have me in a tizzy:

  1. Removed the list view option (esp. web version)
  2. Only show movies in a scrolling horizontal image format – similar to apple’s ‘cover flow’ view (esp. PS3 version)
  3. Taken away the social aspect (ok, this happened a couple versions back)
  4. Hard to add movies to instant or queue from the scroll-over description bubble

All together, these changes make it harder to find the best movies since you can’t sort based on star ratings or rely on users with similar tastes to discover non-mainstream gems.  Besides access to hard to find movies, this was a core value proposition for me.

Given my druthers, there would be additional filtering options in a list view.  Yes, the bland & often ugly spreadsheet view is nonetheless highly functional).  I love sexy designs…but not at the expense of usability.  Aspire to attain both.


UPDATE: Now with the announced increased pricing plans and multiple PS3 service interruptions over the past month – I am triply perturbed…

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